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Corona Virus Information - in these worrying times the Parish Council encourages all Parishioners to follow Government Guidelines

Coronavirus Emotional and Mental Health Guidance and Help services Click Here

Latest Guidance from SLDC regarding Covid 19 Test and Trace 15 September 2020 Click here

Welcome to Hawkshead Parish Council website. 

If you have any queries about the web site or the Parish Council please contact the Clerk. Click here for our Access Statement. 

Members of the public are welcome to attend the meetings and have an opportunity at each meeting to address the Council about any subject.

The Parish Council, which is the most local level of government, works closely with the District and County Councils. Some of the maintenance work that the Parish Council does has been delegated from the County and District Councils. 

Most of the Parish Council’s expenditure goes on staff costs, maintaining its assets and keeping the Village clean and in good order. Much time is spent in exercising whatever pressure it can on higher authorities for planning, highways and traffic control – to deal with issues affecting the quality of life of residents. 


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